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Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

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Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  10/22/2007 2:54:06 PM

I have the opportunity to purchase one of these. I cook and roast often, but am not a slow cooker cook. I might make beans but normally use my oven or stove top. The Crock Pot is a 7qt. and the Roaster is 22 qt....same price.

WHAT is the difference? Does anyone know the temp that Crocks cook at vs the lowest temp the roaster cooks at?

I have asked many, and no one knows the difference!


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  10/23/2007 12:05:48 PM


The roaster should SAY above it's knob, the RANGE of degrees it cooks at (i.e. 275, 400, 325, 350, up to 425, etc.).

Scientifically.......HOW it cooks differently. I couldn't tell you. I use mine for LARGE items, and BIG family gatherings (i.e. Holidays) It has a METAL lid with a little hole for Steam Release, which makes it different from a Crock pot. But, perhaps because of it's size.......the steam would build up and cause problems. (I think you could get 2 average size Turkeys in there for example).

CROCKPOT: I definitely AM a Crockpot cook. I rarely use my oven for Meat. This is due in part to texture sensitivity with kiddos. They like it TENDERRRRRRRR! Because we are a family of 4, the Roaster would be TOO big for us to use daily.

Temperatures for Crockpots are usually specified in The Manual. Or researching ONLINE. I think the norm is Low/300degrees. High/350-375degree! But some of the newer ones might cook hotter.


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  10/28/2007 12:51:31 AM

I bought the Roaster today!! I can do all that I would in a crock as well as roast my big things....brisket, turkey, 3-4 chickens. It can do other things also.

To answer your response, biwmwn2, it has temp range from 100-475. I get the impression it steams as it roasts so it tenderizes and cooks in less time at 300 than the oven.

I'll let y'all know what I make up with it. MY NEW TOY!


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: fiveunderfive1   on  10/30/2007 7:12:14 PM

I'm SO glad you got the roaster!!!

We just got back from a family vacation/reunion (there were 20 of us most nights for dinner) and my MIL had a roaster! I'm planning on getting one soon now too!!!
I was able to cook my big batch of chili in it... my big batch is too big for my crockpot, and my crockpot is also one of the newer ones and it cooks it too fast so that the bottom burns... what a hassle! But I cooked it up in MIL's roaster... I could have easily even doubled the amount too! (chili makes a good freezer meal!) The bottom didn't burn, and it cooked at the lowest temp all day. It turned out fantastic, and it gave me more peace of mind leaving it unattended in the roaster than leaving it unattended on the stovetop (which is how I usually cook it here at home.)
I also cooked 3 whole 5 lb. chickens complete with 10 lbs. of potatoes, some carrots and potatoes in her roaster and they turned out delicious after cooking for half a day. (this would be ESPECIALLY nice for when I cook meals for sick families or new mommies... I never have enough room otherwise)

I think I will get rid of my crockpot and step on over to the world of the roaster! :) (if it was my old crockpot I'd keep both because my old one was nice... I really dislike this new one, it's just wasting space now because I don't use it as I've ruined too many meals in it!)

Oh yeah, MIL also made a big thing of beef stew in her roaster, it was delicious!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: QuietSpirit   on  11/1/2007 3:20:04 PM

What Brand of Roaster?

ebl57 - What brand of roaster did you get? fiveunderfive what brand of roaster was your MIL's? Thank you.

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  11/1/2007 11:32:36 PM

Mine is a Rival 22qt. I got it at Sam's. It was the biggest one I found and the best price as well. Unfortunately, I bought it, opened the box and that is as far as I have gotten. Plan to be home all day and break it in.

I have to make punkin soup for a church gathering on Saturday. Shall I try soup in it or just start by roasting my chickens (3)? I am excited but intimidated by this new form of cooking.

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  11/2/2007 9:46:58 AM

fiveunderfive: Would you mind to give your RECIPE for the chicken including Temperature and How Long? Please share any other recipes! (I'm wondering how to do either Whole Turkey, or for later this year......just Turkey Breast!)

Quietspirit: I have the SAME thing as eb157!

eb157: Okay ladies, I'm very interested int eh Punkin Soup recipe!!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: fiveunderfive1   on  11/4/2007 5:50:48 PM

My MIL's roaster is one that she got at a goodwill store back in the 70's... it's huge, but I don't remember the brand. :)

For the chickens... I wish I *could* give a recipe... sorry... I just cleaned the chickens, stuck them in the roaster with a little water on the bottom, threw on some seasonings that my MIL brought (which just happened to be a sample she got from some fancy store) and some potatoes, carrots, and onions... put a decent amount of salt on everything to boot, covered it and cooked it at 350 for about 4 hours. I wouldn't have cooked it so long except there were 3 chickens so it took longer.
I often make chicken another simple way though... I'm afraid that once again I don't use exact measurements, but it's a nice, simple dish that's pleasing to the tummy! I use one 5ish pound chicken, clean it and put it in a roasting pan (you could use a roaster instead of the oven) I peel and roughly chop some potatoes, a few carrots, and an onion and arrange those around the sides of the chicken. Then I sprinkle some celery seed over the chicken (maybe 1/2 tsp? I prefer this to celery, but you could use a stalk of that instead of the seed) and I put a little salt of the chicken and potatoes... then I also like to add some chicken bullion granules (I don't measure, but it's probably a Tbl of it), then I cover the chicken about halfway with water or chicken stock. (if I use chicken stock the bullion isn't so necessary) and then I cover it and bake it at 350 for at least 2 hours. I like to start baking it breast side down and turn it over at least once too.
When It's done I take the chicken out to debone and then I make a roux with 1/4 c. butter and 1/4 c. flour... then I pour some hot stock into that to make a yummy gravy to serve over the chicken and potatoes! HTH!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  11/8/2007 10:19:42 AM


Thanks for the response. I really was just wanting to get an idea of TIME which you answered.

3 Chickens you did for 4 Hours at 350.
1 Chicken you did for 2 Hours at 350.

So, I'm assuming 2 Chickens you would do for 3 Hours at 350?

Do you have times for any other meats??????

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: fiveunderfive1   on  11/9/2007 11:08:11 AM

Sorry, I don't have times for roasters for other meats... I'm still waiting to get my own roaster! :) (I don't gather that it's much different than an oven though) My times are general.... mostly I check the doneness of the chicken by pulling on the leg socket... if it pulls nice and easy then it's done. I do find that if I've only given myself 2 hours for a chicken (from popping in oven to ready to carve and serve on plates) then it's hardly ever enough time and sometimes it's not as 'done' as I like. (but then, my chickens are always around 5 lb. each)

I hope you get good ideas for a turkey breast... I've never done just the breast. :)

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: Mommy4Him   on  11/13/2007 10:24:56 PM

I bought the 22 qt. roaster at Sam's last week and have not even opened it yet. I am excited to try it this weekend! We are only a family of 6, but we have a smaller than average size oven and I think the roaster will help out a lot especially when I cook in bulk.

fiveunderfive, I have a question on the chickens: Did you use the rack under the chicken or just set it in the bottom of the roaster with the veggies?

eb157, have you used your roaster yet?

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: fiveunderfive1   on  11/14/2007 4:46:52 PM

I just set it in the bottom... no rack. :)
I think I also put them breast down, but I can't really remember. (I do that sometimes in my oven and the breast meat always turns out moist, but not always as pretty to look at; which is not something I typically care about as I de-bone it before serving anyhow!)

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  11/15/2007 1:27:58 AM

YES!! I love it!
I roasted 3 chickens and then a huge brisket. I haven't nailed down my times yet...but I am working on it!

I used my rack under TONS of gravy

Have fun with your new toy!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  11/18/2007 8:16:01 PM


Tell me more about your brisket, I've never done one before!!!

What is it, what do you use it for? etc!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  11/27/2007 7:12:10 PM

Just getting caught up here...can you tell by all my posts!

The Pumpkin Soup recipe is listed in the Favorite Pumpkin recipes thread. It is rough estimates but it was GOOD!


I take a LARGE brisket, fat side up
add onion soup mix
some beef bouillon & dried chopped onion,
minced garlic
Water to cover the bottom of the roaster 2-3 cups

Roast until it shreds easily.

Once cook enough, scrape off all fat and discard.
Cool the gravy so fat rises to the top and discard fat
Shred meat into large pot (you may want to snip with kitchen shears for smaller pieces)

Add gravy from roasting
small bottle of BBQ Sauce

Simmer 1 hr
Freeze in meal size containers


Puree 1-2 lag pieces ginger
3-4 cloves garlic
sesame oil---MAYBE 1/4 cup
add to shredded beef and gravy
Simmer 1 hr


Split the Brisket and make both.

Serve as sandwiches.

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: blessed_mommy3   on  11/30/2007 12:47:34 PM

I love mine! I made our Thanksgiving turkey in ours. 17lb turkey. I rinsed, patted dry and made a browning sauce out of TONS of crushed garlic, melted butter and Kitchen Bouquet browning sauce- I smeared it ALL over the bird. Move quickly because the butter firms up on the chilled turkey. Sprinkled with coarse sea salt. I crushed up sage, thyme and oregano and sprinkled that on top, as well. Bird upside down- aka breast side down. And roasted for 3 1/2 hours at 325. It was moist and juicy and flavorful! It fell off the bone!

Next time I will try 2-3 chickens the same method but roast at 275 or 300 for a little longer. When I do this in the oven it falls OFF the bone!!! And it tastes a bit like rotisserie chicken- I am guessing I would have even more fabulous results in my roaster. I freeze the extra cooked birds whole or sometimes debone and freeze for meal add ins later. Great on homemade pizza!


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: ebl57   on  12/1/2007 11:54:20 AM

I love my roaster!!

My 20 lb. Thanksgiving Turkey was done is just over 3 hrs...and was perfect!

Love the idea of roasting upside down....I just heard that from a friend.
I will have to try that!


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: mummiuf3   on  12/3/2007 11:41:49 PM

I've had my roaster oven for three years now (Christmas gift from friends) and absolutely love it! It does a fabulous job on everything you would even consider putting in a crockpot.

As a family of five, and everyone has very healthy appetities, I find the roaster works best so I don't have to cook as often. Remember, leftover meat of any kind is great for tacos, stews, sandwiches, salads, you name it! I freeze anything I'm not going to use in the next day or two (Glad freezer bags are rated the best) and then I have an easy 'from-the-freezer-meal' for another day.

I only use my crockpot for smaller amounts. The best roaster recipies are actually the ones that are in the book that comes with the roaster (mine is a Rival). May be able to check some of the 'recipe' websites for roaster specific ones (, etc.). I also use crockpot recipes and use the charts that are in my roaster book to make adjustments for correct cooking times.

Hope all that helps!

Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  12/4/2007 12:45:41 PM


How would you say you RELATE cooking times to the Crockpot. In other words, if it was a meal you normally cooked on LOW, for 8 hours. What TEMPERATURE would you set the roaster at for 8 hours??? What temperature for HIGH?


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: blessed_mommy3   on  12/5/2007 9:33:27 AM

I don't use mine allll the time but I personally do not see one as similar to the other. Altho maybe some do and use it accordingly? The roaster seems to work like an oven only it is quicker, more effecient and uses less power. So when I adapt recipes, I don't necessairly adapt a crockpot recipe to fit in it, tho I know you can, but I usually adapt oven recipes to fit in it. And it seems like I can cut about 1/3 of the cooking time off. Sometimes up to almost 1/2. I prefer cooking meats in the roaster over the crockpot- I think it tastes better and it roasts like an oven (only it doesn't get as brown as an oven would make the food). Plus cooking veggies in the crockpot render it almost nutritionless (look up slow cooker on wikipedia), but not so in a roaster.

Here is an external link to slow cookers on wikipedia --

But the roaster oven (Nesco is a brand most commonly associated with these, but I own a Rival) is more of a countertop oven that can also be used as a buffet server and has more varying temps.

So if I had a crockpot recipe I just loved, I'd convert it in a manner as tho I were going to just put it in my oven. Liquid amounts would have to be changed, I would think- as crockpots do not vent and roaster ovens do. So add water and cook time.

But I'd look more at oven recipes and adapt them to the roaster, rather than crockpot to roaster. The conversion would be much easier. You'd just subtract cook time and maybe brown the meat or make a browning sauce and that would really be all you'd need to do.


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: biwmwn2   on  12/6/2007 1:38:44 PM


Thanks for taking time to write that! I hadn't thought about most of that!

You mentioned NOT browning!!! So, for instance with a turkey.............would that brown like it normally does in an oven????

When you speak of CUTTING the cooking time, is that even on the SAME temperature that you'd use oven on?? In other words, oven cooks 350degrees for 2 Hours, then Roaster might be 350degrees for 1 Hours or so?!?!


Crock Pot vs Electric Roaster

By: blessed_mommy3   on  12/7/2007 10:53:20 AM


For cooking temps, if I (and I do mean myself here) am making a turkey or chicken- I can roast at 350 for just less time than the recipe states. BUT you can also set it to lower temps (250 or 275 or 300 or 325) and cook a little longer. For beef based (or maybe other meats with tough cuts) dishes that need a nice long cook to get tender or stews and roasts- then setting it from 250-300 is ideal and cook for 4 hours-ish (you'll still need to keep your eye on it). I haven't done much baking (like baked goods) but I do recall doing cheesecakes before (by the way this thing makes wonderful cheesecakes) and I used the temp it called for and I only ended up knocking off maybe 15-20 minutes of the cook time for that particular item. I just use my cooking 'sixth sense' regarding temps and time. I check the doneness halfway through my estimated cooktime and see if this time and temp is working out for me. I'm sorry I couldn't help more! I am so much a cook who adds a little this, a little that ...and just instinctively use my best judgement for cook times with this piece of equipment. Maybe a few other ladies who use theirs more often can give us some better insight. =0)

Thank you for your post. We will review and then approved it if it conforms to the board posting guidelines! Close. You are being redirected to the main forum page now.

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