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Dry pectin??

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Dry pectin??

By: Leah_IL   on  7/7/2003 10:26:01 AM

Anyone know what this is and where I can buy it? I have a salad dressing recipe that calls for it. If it is available at grocery stores, can you tell me where? I have looked and looked and can't find it!

Dry pectin??

By: MomBearTo4   on  7/7/2003 11:57:32 AM

It in the canning section and comes in a box. Certo is the brand they sell here. Ask at the cash registers for the canning supplies.

Dry pectin??

By: BlessedbyHim2   on  7/7/2003 11:58:00 AM

Could it be something like Certo crystals? (as opposed to liquid pectin)

Dry pectin??

By: Phxmom   on  7/7/2003 12:49:57 PM

There are two main types of pectin, crystalized (dry) and liquid. When canning, recipes call for one or the other depending on type of fruit being processed and the steps you're willing to do to accomplish your task. The most commonly available types are Ball and Sure-Jell. Liquid pectin is usually less laborious as far as preparation of a jelly and it comes in a small bottle, so the package is substantially larger than the dry. I'm sure you'd be able to find dry pectin in almost any larger grocery store in the baking section or canning section if they have one. As far as the dry, you will see a small Jello sized box with directions for amounts of fruits and amounts of sugar needed to "jell" the fruit.

For your information, there is one other available, but not readily. I only knew about it from a rather obscure message in a conservation cookbook. That pectin is radically different from Ball and Sure-Jell. This pectin uses monocalcium phosphate to make jams/jellies without any added sugar, honey, etc. I managed to find it at a health food store under the name of Pomona's universal pectin, but I've never seen it in regular grocery stores. I definitely would not use this. It is scarce enough that I'm quite sure that the pectin your recipe calls for wouldn't be this one. Most pectins need 55-85% sugar to jell. If your recipe includes sugar, use the more commonly found ones in the grocery stores. There are lower sugar versions of the regular Sure-Jell dry pectins, but these are still not the same as the monocalcium phosphate which require absolutely no added sugars.

I hope this explanation has been helpful and not overly confusing.

Dry pectin??

By: mom2kt   on  7/7/2003 2:15:27 PM

If you are making the salad dressing that I use pectin for
(a brand name Italian type) you would use the pectin others have described.

But I wanted to mention a lower priced pectin that I have found at SavALot grocery store. i have been using it for the last three years for my grape jelly. It is made by the Williams seasoning company (think Chili, LOL) and it is only 49 cents a box as apposed to a dollar something for Ball and Sure Jell. If you have a SAL near you, it is the only brand they carry and it is in their canning section.

It works very well for me, and saves me tons!

Dry pectin??

By: Leah_IL   on  7/8/2003 12:39:39 PM

Thanks so much everyone! Phxmom- I appreciate all the info :) Mom2kt- yes, that's the salad dressing :) I'm tired of buying those little packets every week!!

Dry pectin??

By: Phxmom   on  7/9/2003 6:01:10 PM

Glad to know the explanation wasn't too confusing.

What is the salad dressing, and where'd you get the recipe-from internet, book or handed down? I'm looking for some new things-trying to eat healthier and the only homemade dressing I've made w/ success calls for quite a bit of oil.

Dry pectin??

By: SerenityHill   on  7/10/2003 12:46:27 PM

You can buy it in bulk (I think 10# is the smallest) if you do an online search. It's called Dutch Gel and you will save a FORTUNE - especially if you make a lot of jams as I do.

Dry pectin??

By: Leah_IL   on  7/10/2003 4:04:13 PM

Phxmom- the salad dressing is just like the Good Seasons Italian salad dressing packets by I think McCormick- they cost about $1.75 per packet here. So obviously I had to figure out how to make it myself :) I just did an internet search for "Good Seasons Italian Dressing Recipe" and got a bunch of results. I don't think I can post it here, but if you do the search you'll easily find it.

SerenityHill, the place I order dry goods from has something called Pomona's universal pectin. It says 1 package makes 10 pints of jam. Do you think this is "dry" pectin? They also have something called Emes Kosher Jel and another thing called "Clear Jel" defined as a modified waxy maize food starch for cooking, not instant. Is that what I am looking for? It is so cheap to buy in bulk :)

Dry pectin??

By: Phxmom   on  7/11/2003 12:13:40 PM

Dear Leah, the Pomona universal pectin is the monocalcium phosphate type. I haven't used it yet, but may do so today w/ all my berries. It doesn't need any sugar like most pectins do. I'm pretty sure you don't want this for your dressing as it is kind of rare and so few have used it. So I doubt this is the one you really need. Yet, you could try it and share your results! The other types you mentioned, I truly have absolutely no clue, but I'd try the sure-jell or certo dry stuff to see how your recipe reacts. Then I'd try the more esoteric brands.

Dry pectin??

By: michellyn   on  3/17/2008 9:41:21 PM

I'm a few years late on this thread (LOL), but I noticed that Pomona now has a salad dressing recipe listed (here: or if that link doesn't work, go to and select page 2 of recipe card 2--it's the last recipe on the page). You may be able to use Pomona if you follow the methods in their recipes (I get the impression that it may take more work to dissolve than other pectins). You've gotten me curious to try this pectin--I'll have to check it out at my local health food store.

Dry pectin??

By: kimp   on  3/27/2008 10:44:07 PM

Oh, Thanks so much you all.... I have been trying to find a way to make jam without sugar, like the polaner all fruit spreads in the grocery store. I think this pomonapectin will work! I can't believe all this time, this thread was under my nose and I missed it. So thank you Michellyn for bringing it current ~Kim

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